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Grenoside Primary

PE Action Plan 2018-2019 Review



What will we do?

Why are we doing it?



Renewed membership with the Sheffield Federation for School Sports


September 2018

This gives us access to competitive events over the school year.  Examples of events include regular cross country, a football league, a netball league and primary schools athletics championships.



This has allowed an increase of the number of competitions available to our children.  This year we have entered 3 extra competitions hosted by the federation.  We also had an increase in the number of children competing in the athletics event.

Additional swimming


February – July 2019

This allows us to provide extra swimming to help ensure all children, regardless of special educational need or ability, have the best opportunity to meet national curriculum standards.  This will help ensure we have a high percentage of children to achieve ARE in PE.


£4312 (+ addition £350 approximately for one-to-one support)

The additional swimming allows us to maintain out percentage of children reaching expected standard to be above 80%.  This is above the level at many other schools within the city.

Employed a specialist P.E. teacher



To develop extra-curricular opportunities at all ages through planning and delivery of sessions.

Linking in clubs to correspond with upcoming inter school competitions.


This year has seen an increase in the number of clubs offered which has also led to an increase in the number of children attending these clubs. (see table at the bottom)

Entry into The School Games competitions.

To allow all children to access intra and inter school competition including inclusive activities.

£1000 (including transportation costs)

Increased the number of competition opportunities for more children to get involved.  (data below)

PE leader training for children to take on leadership roles at lunchtimes.



To create a student work force which will assist and lead activities for younger children.


This has increased the opportunity for children to take part in a variety of activities at lunchtime to increase the provision for children to take part in 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

Purchase any additional equipment required.


(Ongoing 2018-19)

To support with ensuring teaching of P.E. is always good or better.


Ensure that resources are adequate for teachers to adhere to LTP created for each year group.




Replenishing equipment to ensure lessons can be taught to a high standard.  This is demonstrated in the number of children achieving ARE which is above 80% through all year groups.





Written by:  J Wilkinson

Date: September 2018






Impact of spending within school this year

Meeting national curriculum requirements for swimming and water safety





Percentage of current Y6 cohort who can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25m.

81 %

Percentage of current Y6 cohort who can use a range of stokes effectively (for example front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke).

81 %

Percentage of current Y6 cohort who can perform safe self –rescue in different water based situations.

91 %



2018 – 19 PE action plan






To engage all pupils in regular physical activity (as recommendation of at least 30 minutes per day by the Chief Medical Officer).


It is the recommendation of the chief medical officer that all children should participate in 30 minutes regular physical activity each day. 



The use of sports leaders at lunchtime have helped to have focused activities on offer for younger children to participate in. It has allowed a wider range of activities to be offered and helped ensure more children have the opportunity to engage in regular physical activity.  All children complete the Daily mile each afternoon to allow a brain break especially for KS 2 children.

To continue to raise the profile of PE and sport across the school as a tool for whole school improvement.


Sport can be used as a way of promoting different qualities within children and not just the physical benefits.  Active breaks allow children to refresh and re focus on work.  Children also learn valuable skills such as resilience, resourcefulness, team work, sportsmanship and communication which can transfer into all aspects of their lives.


The notice board has given pupils a focus to find information about what activities are on offer both in school and the opportunities within the local community out of school.


Daily Mile is important within KS 2 to allow a brain break for these children.  They can then re-focus once back into class.


This year a lot of emphasis has been placed on showing resilience within PE lesson to keep going to master new skills.  This has then been seen within other aspects of school and learning for some children. 

To further, increase the confidence, knowledge and skill of all staff in teaching PE and sport.


Equipping staff to be confident in the delivery of their lessons and building up activities and broaden the range of activities that are offered to children.  It also will increase further the quality of the provision we provide to the children.

Buying into Yewlands PE provision offer.

LTP and MTP have provided teachers with a more detailed understanding of what learning outcomes is needed and links the assessment and scheme of work documents together into one making them easier to follow and assessment easier to track.  This resulted in all Year groups having 80% + children at ARE.

Staff found the gymnastics CPD delivered by Yewlands Academy staff to be useful and provided them with fresh ideas for delivering lessons.  This increased the provision offered to children in these activities.

To further, broaden the experience in the range of sports and activities offered to all pupils.


Broadening the range of activities enable children to broaden the range of skills they are able to perform.  They increase their knowledge of sport and allow all to flourish in different disciplines.



Children experience a broad range of activities within the curriculum.  This has also been taken into extra-curricular activities that have been offered.  This year has seen the introduction of Gymnastics, Netball and KS 1 movement.  The range has seen an increase in the number of children attending these activities. (see below for breakdown activities and attendance)

To increase the participation in competitive sport.


Offer more children the opportunity to represent school in sporting competition.  Allow them to develop other skills as well as sporting ones of resilience, team work, passion, honesty.

SFSS membership

Potential transport costs for school games competitions.

Buying into Yewlands Academy PE offer.

This year has seen an increase in the number of competitions we have entered and the number of children that have taken part in them.  Children have shown resilience in their performances and how to work as a team and support each other.  They have also learnt sportsmanship. (Below breakdown of competitions)